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Restoring the Focus and Zeal for Evangelism

To save the unsaved through the saved


To act as a catalyst movement to evangelise, strategize, coordinate, train, motivate and harness resources in evangelism to restore the focus of evangelism in the church and in the world.


Focus, love, Integrity and Commitment (FLIC)


I was seen in the company of many people who owned fish ponds. All the other people’s ponds were well tiled and all the fish in their ponds were smooth skinned like mad fish skin. My pond was a natural pond with the residues of the ground having been dug out hipped by the side of the pond. But there was no water in my pond. It was dry. Yet all the fish in my pond were alive, they all had white scales on their skin and were very big and fat but they were on very dry grounds. A bearded old man appeared with grey hair, took the hands of a young lady to a place where there were many ponds to show her something that has been worrying him the old man for long. When the girl saw the pond, she was troubled and asked who the pond belonged to. The old man showed her the owner who was then standing on the heap of sand scooped form the ground by the pond. The Old man showed the owner to her and I was that person standing on the heap of sand, who was the owner of the neglected pond. She told the old man that she knew me very well so she would like to help me to save the lives of the fish in my pond. She pleaded with the old man to allow her to do so in order appease him. She therefore started trying to catch the fish but was suffering because the fish were hurting her and piercing her. The Oldman asked her to stop. He told her that if that man who was the owner of the pond came there, as soon as he opened his hands, all the fish will flow into his hands with ease. The following day the revelation continued and the old man appeared again. He took the girl and showed her my pond now with water in it and the fish doing well. Then he took her across a vast land and the place looked like a vast land with dry grasses. He waived his hands across her face and immediately what she was seeing as grasses became a large multitude of people. Then he said he has given me the grace to do more than I am doing.


We are for evangelism. We coordinate evangelism of all churches and in all schools. All who are interested will be registered and trained to do the work of evangelism. In the case of churches, they will do the work for their own churches while we train and coordinate their activities. In the case of schools, the new souls won shall be linked up with the nearest churches on campus. We want to have all evangelism information on our website. We would organise periodic meetings and training for leaders and members. We want churches and people especially evangelism leaders to do more in evangelism for their churches.

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“… The Harvest is Plentiful, But the workers are few” Matthew 9:37